The Fastener Fair Technology Conference

The Fastener Fair Technology Conference will focus on industry developments and solutions applicable to fastener and fixing end-users, distributors and wholesalers. The Technology Conference will run concurrent to the exhibition on June 20-21 in Expo Guadalajara.

We are adding new speakers all the time, so check back regularly and make your plans for Fastener Fair Mexico today!

How to Have a Practical and Effective Marketing Plan For the Fastener Industry
Bruno Carrera, CEO, Caja Negra Consultores & Elencus

Attendees will understand the difference between the traditional marketing, branding, advertising and public relations in contrast with the right direct response marketing that finds the ideal prospects, attracts them and turn them into customers.

We will see the success strategy to have a differentiated product portfolio, the 3 elements of marketing in order to sell: market, message and media and the success characteristics of each one.

We will go through the tools that every business must implement: the one page marketing plan in order to build sales suitable sales systems for your business.

Speaker BIO

Consultant, coach, author, and international sales and marketing lecturer with real experience in everything he teaches. With 23 years of experience in marketing and sales, he has led more than a thousand salespeople in his successful career.

Keynote Speaker
Sebastián De Lara, President Partner of NAVPOL

Sebastián De Lara studied International Affairs at the ITAM (Mexico). He has extensive experience in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico where he was an Analyst, Senior Analyst and Director. De Lara was also Secretary of the Delegation of Mexico to the World Summit on the Information Society, Representative to the Security Council of the United Nations and President of the Climate Change Youth Forum of the COP16.

He has been an associate at CRG Consulting Group where he worked on several political campaigns for governorships and even the Mexican presidential race in 2012. Sebastian was also vice president for Latin America and the Caribbean at River Moon Media, where he was involved in several production and media projects. Mass communication efforts. He was president of Hydrament, an oil sector solutions company, from 2014-2016.

Currently, De Lara is the President Partner of NAVPOL, a Political Consultancy Group focused on electoral strategies as well as political analysis and risk assessment and communications. NAVPOL has worked in numerous states in Mexico, as well as in the United States, Canada and Central America.

Why Cold Forming Tools Fail
John B. Graef, SouthWind Int’l USA

The presentation is an open discussion about a critical issue in the fasteners and cold forming parts industry, that is the failure of the cold forming tooling. The proposal of such discussion is to present and comment the main causes of cold forming tools breakage and other kind of failures that affects in some way the production and the costs of the fastener’s industry.

It shall focus in very practical and simple evaluation of the root caused of tooling failure, based on the day-by-day manufacturing routine, involving the several aspects of the production flow, since the raw-material workmanship, tooling design, hardware tooling, machine and other adjacent issues that could affect directly or indirectly the tooling failure.

Speaker Bio
John B. Graef , Mechanical Engineer, graduated at Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS), Porto Alegre-Brazil and MBA by Maua Institute of Technology, with specialization in Marketing Strategy at Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV-Sao Paulo School of Economics) both in Sao Paulo–Brazil.

Fasteners Manufacturing Specialist, with over 35 years of experience in fasteners and cold forming parts production, engineering, sales & marketing and international trading of fastener machinery, tooling and cold forming technology.

For 15 years working as Plant Manager and General Manager of Brazilian fastener companies and since 1995 founder and CEO of SouthWind International, a Brazilian technical trading company specialized in supplying machinery and tooling for the fastener industry in Brazil and South America, currently representing 15 companies, machines and tools manufacturers from more than 10 countries, and since 2015 Managing Director of SouthWind Int’l USA, specialized in supplying cold forming tools for North American fasteners produces.

Multi-functional Requirements for Top Coats
Enrique Morfin, Coventia

Corrosion-induced malfunctions such as setting and wear as well as the unintentional loosening of a connection are prevented by a multi-layer anti-corrosion system. The dynamic technical progress of the last 20 years in the automotive sector led to an increasing number of additional multi-functional requirements for the surface coating of fasteners. The trends are weight reduction, higher corrosion protection and new material combinations. This results in a higher hardness of the materials, a higher thermal load and a more sophisticated control of the friction values. At the same time the demand for lasting decorative appearance is increasing. The following presentation contains an overview of multifunctional requirements of fasteners for the automotive industry and innovative technology that addresses those needs. This comprises the latest developments in Zn-alloys, passivates, focusing on top-coats.

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