Coundown to Fastener Fair Mexico


Distributor Business Development Conference

Thurday 21 June, 2018

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM How to Have a Practical and Effective Marketing Plan For the Fastener Industry
Bruno Carrera, CEO, Caja Negra Consultores & Elencus

Attendees will understand the difference between the traditional marketing, branding, advertising and public relations in contrast with the right direct response marketing that finds the ideal prospects, attracts them and turn them into customers.

We will see the success strategy to have a differentiated product portfolio, the 3 elements of marketing in order to sell: market, message and media and the success characteristics of each one.

We will go through the tools that every business must implement: the one page marketing plan in order to build sales suitable sales systems for your business.

Bruno Carrera

Speaker BIO
Consultant, coach, author, and international sales and marketing lecturer with real experience in everything he teaches. With 23 years of experience in marketing and sales, he has led more than a thousand salespeople in his successful career.

12:15 - 1:15PM Purchaser mind set: Meet buyer expectations!
Gonzalo Vasquez, President, Buyer World

Create relationships beyond your product/service compatibility. Give your best shot to your product or service. Make them call you till it’s annoying.

Speaker BIO
Gonzalo Vasquez, EM Engineer with with post graduate subjects on automation systems, high performance management and Negosiation has been for more than 20 yearas on the automotive industry leading hi powered purchasing teams for direct materials and MRO purchase. Gonzalo had the opoirtunity to lead teams on different scenarios as Large Tir 1 firms, medium and small tir 1. This set of different experience give to Gonzalo the posibility to solve purchasing issues with different level of leverage. Nowdays Gonzalo lead his own purchasing firm: Buyer World. they are in the busniess of design and execution of purchasing strategies and other commercial conditions any firm may have as challenge. All strategies are tailored for each customer with the only objective to create a performance enhancement condition to the bottom line.