Second Generation Semi-AUTOMATIC PACKAGING Machine at Fastener Fair

12th February 2019

Second Generation Semi-AUTOMATIC PACKAGING Machine at Fastener Fair

SKAKO Vibration is excited to unveil the new generation SKAKO Semi-Automatic Packaging Machine at Fastener Fair Stuttgart. SKAKO’s Packaging system has been well received by the market and since the launch in 2016, SKAKO has further refined the system. The former two displays have been combined into one, and the resolution of the display is higher.

In addition, the weight range has been increased to 0,5 - 38 kg. The two scales, operational and control weighing scales, both communicate through the same Siemens PLC program, which secures the same tare weight (box weight) for both scales. This eliminates any discrepancies there may be between the two scales.

The semi-automatic packaging machine is a flexible system that can fill different size carton boxes and plastic returnable containers. It is easy to operate and program, which makes it especially suitable for industries that operate with many different items and short/medium size lots. The compact, single floor, design, requires limited floor space with no need for extra ceiling height. An open construction makes the machine easy to clean and the process both accessible and easily monitored with low risk of mixing products when switching parts.

SKAKO Vibration has over 50-years of experience in vibratory equipment for hardware applications. Vibratory technology provides for gentle and efficient feeding, transporting and dosing of products, including highly interlocking parts and non-ferrous fasteners.

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