New study forecasts sustained growth in the global structural adhesive market in coming years

9th November 2018

New Study Forecasts Global Structural Adhesive Market to Witness Sustained Growth in coming years till 2027.
In order to connect components together, riveting, welding, and using screws are some of the common options but they generally add to the overall weight of the end products and make them vulnerable for malfunction. Therefore, a number of industries including automotive, aerospace, and agriculture are moving towards the option of flexible bonding or structural adhesive that can compensate the possibilities of stress at the joints. This trend of lightweight vehicles has also emerged as the growing need for low carbon emission. Consequently, the market for structural adhesives is expected to generate incrementing demand during the forecast period of 2018 to 2027.

Recent innovations in the field of structural adhesives is in the direction of glues that can be hard and soft at the same time, such as MetAK, developed by the researchers at Fraunhofer. The product mostly similar to an ordinary two-component adhesive but the primary different being the mixture of other components that are simple and commercially available. The main advantage of those glues is that its rigidity can be adjusted and industries will get to do without having to choose different adhesives for different hardness. The concept is also expected to be a boon for orthopedic applications such as orthopedic shoes or prostheses.

Particularly designed to bind almost all metals, thermoplastics, composite materials and few other dissimilar substrates, structural adhesives are unique type of adhesives that are used in many applications such as industrial assemblies, transportation, wind energy, automotive, construction, marine, and HVAC. Use of structural adhesives has been increasing in applications in the aerospace industry owing to their remarkable advantages over some other procedures of fastening. Nitrile Phenolic and Epoxies are two adhesives that grab major share of structural adhesive markets and they are expected to remain substantial in the near future, however their percentage of share is likely to come down during the projected period. On the other hand modified acrylics and urethanes have greater growth potential and are likely to capture remarkable revenue share in the structural adhesives market.

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