6th December 2018


A coat rack and a key holder to make the hallway neater or new skirting boards to create a stylish look that reaches into the furthest corner – it’s often the seemingly little things that make the most difference. But do you really need to “perforate” your walls in order to achieve this? The 320 KILO GLUE and other adhesives from the new NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product range allow fixing jobs such as these to be completed in a much easier and more discreet manner.

If you want a mounted object to be able to carry a heavy weight in the long term then it will need to have a powerful hold. A glue that is able to achieve a final strength of 320 kg per 10 cm² fits the bill, especially considering that it spares DIYers from having to carry out drilling, which is inconvenient, doesn’t work in certain construction materials and is prohibited in many rental properties. fischer’s 320 KILO GLUE is therefore a good choice for attaching coat racks which must be able to carry the weight of heavy jackets and coats – all without having to use screws and nails. It is also ideal for adhering many other indoor objects, such as skirting boards, door stoppers or key holders.
The 320 KILO GLUE is available in an 80ml tube and in a 200ml filled press pack. Upon being opened, the glue is simply applied to the back of the key holder, skirting board etc before the object is pressed firmly against the wall. The adhesive already has a high initial strength of 120 kg per m².

The mounting parts are fully loadable after four to 24 hours depending on their weight and the substrate. There is no need to search for or buy further tools thanks to the clever technology. The 80 ml version features a tube tip in the lid, allowing the clean and economic application of the adhesive. DIYers need only press the tube in order to apply the glue.
The press pack features a max/min display on the top end which allows glue quantity to be regulated while preventing wastage during application. Upon determining the desired glue quantity simply press the red handle and apply the glue. There is no need for a separate applicator gun in order to apply the 320 KILO GLUE.

There are other product benefits alongside its simple and economic use and high adhesive force. The glue is suitable for almost every type of material, such as chipboards, rigid PVC, masonry, stone, concrete and polystyrene. The 320 KILO GLUE is also solvent-free, can be painted with synthetic and water-based paints and does not corrode metals.

The GLUING segment of the new fischer NO TOOLS, JUST HANDS product range includes other adhesives and sealants. Just like the 320 KILO GLUE these are available in 80ml tubes and 200 ml press packs and are processed in an analogue manner. It is also available in white for flexible applications around the home and in a transparent version designated for indoor house. Users can also adhere natural stone, concrete and mirrors using the INSTALLATION GLUE, which provides high levels of long-term hold even on rough and cracked subsurfaces.

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