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PRESSVIT is a company entirely owned by Italian entrepreneurs and has been on the market since 1967.
Since its genesis there have been no changes in the ownership structure and this is certainly synonymous with solidity and constancy.
PRESSVIT is specialised in the production of special cold-formed parts made on the basis of a design supplied by the Customer or designed according to the final use of the product.
The advantage that PRESSVIT has in compare to other competitors is to produce screws with equipment made within the factory and therefore with qualitative results that no one has on market.

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  • Viti
  • Viti autofilettanti/autoformanti
  • Viteria e particolari stampati a freddo
  • Viteria in acciaio inossidabile
  • Viteria e sistemi di fissaggio speciali, a disegno
  • Viteria di sicurezza per costruzioni
  • Fissaggi in acciaio inossidabile


Mr Simone Formaggio
Via Martelli 17
20080 Zibido San Giacomo (MI)

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