Masterpiece Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Masterpiece Hardware started 30 years ago as a hardware maker and included in its production different screws. Masterpiece now specialises in producing woodworking screws and anchors. These fasteners are designed specifically for construction and industrial usage, such as wood screw, deck screw, self-drilling screw, roofing screw and machine screw, etc.

Fastener Fair Stuttgart Product Categories

  • Screws
  • Special / To Drawing Fasteners
  • Light Duty Anchors and Fixings
  • Wood / Chipboard / Decking Screws
  • Hardware / DIY Prepacks and Assortments

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Mr Arthur Lin
No. 30-1, Moudan Ln.,
Lukang Township, Changhua County 505,

Tel: +886 4 777 0032
Fax: +886 4 777 0302

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13th February 2019
Masterpiece Hardware Industrial Co., Ltd
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Contact Details

Arthur Lin
No. 30-1, Moudan Ln., Lugang Township, Changhua County 50545, Taiwan

Tel: +886-4-7770032
Fax: +886-4-7770302