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Carlo Salvi S.p.A. production range includes:

- 1-die 2-blow headers.
- 2-die 4-blow headers.
- up to 6 dies parts formers.

Our machines are especially developed for the cold, and now for the semi hot forming of screw-blanks, screws and rivets, solid, semi and fully tubular parts, with extremely complex shapes.

Major fields of application: aeronautical, automotive and electronic.

Carlo Salvi S.p.A. offer also a service of machines rebuilding. The headers are completely refurbished and all the mechanical parts as well as the electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic systems substituted. Machines can be certified according to actual norms and warranted for.

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Mr Marco Pizzi
Via Ponte Rotto, 67
23852 Garlate (LC)

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