Keynote Speaker

Keynote: From Rust Belt to High Tech: Transform. Ignite. Disrupt.
Steve Blue, President & CEO of Miller Ingenuity, Author, and Speaker - Room 311

It is possible for rust-belt companies to achieve superior profits, enter new markets, and repel offshore competition. This keynote will provide a blueprint for senior executives that want to revitalize, reinvent, and rejuvenate their companies. Take away key principles for:

  • Transforming a rust-belt company from mediocre to an Olympic level performance.
  • Unleashing creativity and innovation organization-wide.
  • Disrupting the competition and establishing a rust-belt company as a high-tech leader.

Learn how to unleash a blizzard of new high margin products that will delight your customers and destroy your competition. This presentation is highly entertaining, incredibly informative, and even better, comes with loads of content and action plans to help you start immediately implementing change.

Steve Blue is President and CEO of Miller Ingenuity, an internationally recognized business transformation expert, media contributor, 5x-author, and dynamic keynote speaker. His expertise lies within transforming company cultures through innovation and investments in workforce growth, turning rust-belt companies into high-tech powerhouses.